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Welcome to the online Johnny Eck Museum!!!

We began collecting Johnny Eck material shortly after his twin brother Robert died in 1995. Since that time our goal has been to accumulate anything and everything that pertained to the incredible lives of twin brothers Johnny and Robert Eck(hardt). It has been a wonderful journey, pouring over hundreds and hundreds of family letters, photographs, drawings and diaries. Listening to Johnny's audio tapes, 78 rpm records, and hearing the stories related to us from people who knew them. The deeper we go into their lives and the more we learn, the more impressive their story becomes.

Their life spanned nearly 8 decades. Allowing them to witness some of the greatest and most tragic events of our times. World Wars 1 and 2, the Great Depression, Space Travel, Vietnam, Computer and other technological advances. Through all the worlds ups and downs they managed their lives with a resilience that most people lacked and a sense of pride and will that was unmatched. They took their act on the road, traveled the country with various circus and sideshow outfits. Worked at Chicago's Century of Progress, The Canadian Exposition, Robert Ripley's Odditorium and starred in Tod Brownings classic film Freaks in Hollywood, California to name a few. Nothing could get in the way of these two boys. Nothing.

So ladies and gentlemen, come on in and experience our amazing collection of memorabilia from the personal belongings of Johnny and Robert Eckhardt. Most of what you will find in here has never been presented anywhere before...

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